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Cinema-Chain Ster-Kinekor Seeks Survival With Strategic Partnerships

Ster-Kinekor Theatres, a South Africa's cinema chain and the South African State Theatre (SAST) have partnered up in their quest to provide content and reach audiences across the country.

The partnership sees theatre productions being screened on the big screen at SKT cinemas across the country for June 2021. The partnership influence has been due to the two entities developing new strategies due to the COVID19 restrictions and regulations. Audiences' attendance is the primary source of income for both entities, hence collaborating to navigate the entertainment sector in these trying times together.

According to Aubrey Sekhabi, the Artistic Director at SAST, the partnership with SKT is the beginning of change for the performing arts in South Africa. Furthermore, the collaboration is a beaming light of hope for the revival and future of theatre. This strategy means audiences will have access to theatre productions from various parts of the country. Sekhabi thanked SKT for their empowering contribution to the challenge which SAST faced.

A statement from the Ster-Kinekor Theatres Acting Chief Executive Officer, Motheo Matsau, said that SKT and Cinema Nouveau are proud to have partnered with SAST new venture as both entities expand. Matsau highlighted that SKT further extends its reach through local productions from talented actors, performers, writers, producers, and directors on the big screen with the partnership.  South Africans will have access to State Theatre productions they may have not ordinarily had access to before, said Matsau.

The list for theatre productions to be screened and screening dates are yet to be confirmed.

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