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"Amended National Broadcasting Code Is Yielding Positive Results" - Nigerian Minister

As previously reported by BMA, the Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has said the industry regulators would enforce a fine of N100 000 (US$245) for local brand adverts that run on international broadcasting outfits, including any advertising productions done outside Nigeria. According to Mr Mohamed, this new initiative was given the Nigerian Amended National Broadcasting Code's regulatory and legal backing.

According to the latest reports, Mohammed has disclosed that an advertising production planned for South Africa was since cancelled and moved to Nigeria in order to adhere to the amended National Broadcasting Code, which to him, is a testament that the  Nigerian Amended National Broadcasting Code's is yielding positive results.

Highlighting the amended section is the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), which reported that the amendment intends to ensure growth and investment in the advertising sector. NAN went on to insert a caption from the amendment which reads, "all television and radio advertisements for airing on all broadcast platforms, pertaining to products and services manufactured, grown, processed, developed, created and originating from Nigeria, shall be wholly produced in Nigeria".

The Minister supported his argument by contextualising the reasons behind the broadcasting code.  Among other reasons, he mentioned boosting local content, curbing anti-competitive and monopolistic tendencies, and boosting advertising revenues.  The amendment code is there to reduce exclusivity of programme content in order to create room for Nigeria's industry growth, he added.

The initiative is said to add to the development of skills and expertise of the local content market. For programmes to qualify as local content, the production must be authored, directed and produced by a Nigerian.

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