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Uganda: MTN Launches 'Kibanda Xpress' For Premium VOD Content Viewing

MTN Uganda has announced the launching 'Kibanda Xpress', a Video-On-Demand (VOD) channel aimed at boosting Uganda's film industry by offering a premium mix of local Ugandan movies.

Kibanda Xpress will stream local and international radio and TV content on the mobile application, YoTV channels. 150 Ugandan movies are said to be available for live streaming. As an addition, premieres of new local entertainment content will be available to the channel for customers' convenience and affordability.

According to reports, unprecedented online video usage growth was at its surge in 2020, creating revenues estimated at US$34 billion, of which premium VOD accounted for approximately US$630 million.  MTN Uganda's Chief Marketing Officer Sen Somdev said that MTN recognises the movie industry's potential to create employment and reposition the African narrative, which will positively contribute to the national GDP.  Therefore, MTN saw fit to utilise Kibanda Xpress to boost the Ugandan film industry positioning it to realise its full potential.

Speaking on behalf of PealWood, Mzee Bwanika said the launch of the channel would help local content creators gain global visibility and influence the reduction of copyright infringements whilst increasing Ugandan movies' footprint, exposing artists globally, amongst other advantages. He then thanked MTN Uganda and Albayan Media for enabling the partnership.


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