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Ghana: Regulator Addresses Request For The Censorship Of Spiritualist Content On TV

Due to a recent surge in spiritualists and money doubler content on national television, the National Media Commission (NMC) has been called to regulate this content type.

As acclaimed by reports, the censorship call came about when a 10-year-old boy was murdered at Kasoa in the central region by two teenage boys.  The murder was said to be a result of a money ritual. Upon apprehension, the two suspects, aged 16 and 18, confessed to murdering their young neighbour on the instructions they received from a spiritualist they discovered on national television.  The Ghana Police Service later detained the spiritualist who allegedly directed the two teenagers to commit the murder of their colleague for money rituals.

The spiritualist is said to have been apprehended at Amanase in the Eastern Region near Suhum. In response to this, the NMC Chairman, Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh, said he, unfortunately, is unable to provide a definitive settlement to the raised issue until Parliament passes the Broadcasting Bill.  He highlighted that his powers do not enable him to regulate television content, and therefore, the request would have to go through Parliament. The Parliament has been sitting on the Broadcasting Bill since 1993, the Chairman added.

During an interview on Asaase Radio, the Chairman addressed Members of Parliament who have accused NMC of not regulating content. In NMC’s defence, Boadu-Ayeboafoh said it almost impossible to implement or enforce rules and regulations in the absence of a broadcasting law.

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