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Industry Forum: Focus On Understanding Regulatory Frameworks for Community Radio Broadcasting In Africa

There are a significant number of community radio broadcasters in need of institutional support across Africa. These broadcasters and their institutions ask critical questions ranging from how do we address the plethora of regulatory obligations to licencing conditions and the challenges for setting up community radio services in of themselves.

In the bid to ensure that this crucial aspect of media in Africa develops and grows to its full potential, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in collaboration with 2Gwana Media (2GM), is convening an online industry forum on 
"Understanding Regulatory Frameworks for Community Radio Broadcasting."

The industry forum will take place on Thursday 29th April 2021 from 11:00GMT  via Zoom ONLINE.

The virtual forum will also address critical topics such as:
- Evaluating the general regulatory obligations that shape community radio broadcasting
- Addressing the licensing conditions for community radio services in Africa - do they help or hinder the industry's development
- Resolving the policy and regulatory challenges inherent with the setting up of community radio platforms in Africa

To be part of this virtual industry forum and to meet and share ideas with professionals and practitioners of media and radio broadcasting in Africa, visit the event website here!

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