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TikTok Announces Streaming Royalty Licensing Agreement Across African Continent

TikTok, a video-sharing social networking service used to make various short-form videos, has recently announced a Pan-African licensing agreement that will see songwriters, composers, and music publishers paid royalties when their music is used on the platform. According to reports, the popular app that has racked more than two billion global downloads since its 2016 release, outpacing Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, will cover 58 territories across the continent under the new licensing agreement.

The Composers Authors and Publishers Association (CAPASSO) and Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) reached a licencing deal with TikTok following Jerusalem's success and the company's ever-expanding international reach. Through this agreement, registered musicians will receive royalties via CAPASSO.

Wiseman Ngubo, CAPASSO's Chief Operations Officer said, the organisation is happy to have reached an agreement with TikTok in ensuring that Pan-African songwriters are taken care of on the platform. With an increasing spotlight on African music, more African songwriters can reach global superstar status, and TikTok will play a significant role in showcasing their talents to the world, added Ngubo.

The new licensing deal with CAPASSO and SAMRO in Africa comes after TikTok signed an expanded global licensing agreement with Universal Music Group in February 2021.  Warner Music Group and Sony Music entered a similar deal with TikTok in November and December 2020. To reap the benefits of this licensing agreement, artists will need to be members of CAPASSO and SAMRO. Currently, there is no signup or membership fee when signing up with SAMRO. However, CAPASSO has an administration fee of R100 (US$7) for artists and R250 (US$17) for their publishers.


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