Broadcast Regulation

Uganda: Regulator Plans To Switch-Off Unlicensed Radio Stations – Reports

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) - the body that regulates the media and communications sector in Uganda -  has communicated to all radio broadcasters regarding its new licensing framework for the broadcasting sector.

In its recent communications to the industry, the UCC has informed all radio broadcasters who do not currently hold a valid broadcast licence issued by the Commission to apply for and secure one urgently or lose their spectrum allocation. According to industry reports, about 30 radio broadcasters in Uganda have still not submitted may still be lacking in this regard.

A recent reminder released by UCC states that all radio stations need to regularise their operations by clearing all outstanding compliance issues. The broadcasters need to submit a complete application for the radio frequencies by 14 April 2021; otherwise, they face the consequences. Broadcasters who fail to meet this due date will lose their radio spectrum allocation, and there will be enforced to ensure that they stop broadcasting.

Additionally, UCC highlighted that according to sections 26 and 27 of the Communications Act 2012, radio broadcasters who remain unlicenced would be committing an offence that will be punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both should they continue to provide broadcasting services Uganda without a licence issued by the Commission.


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