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Nigerian Brands To Be Fined For Running Adverts On CNN

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, during an interview on NTA’s ‘Good Morning Nigeria’ programme on Monday, shared the federal government’s plan to impose a fine of N100 000 (US$245) for local brand adverts that run on CNN and other international stations in Nigeria, as well as during foreign matches.

Each time a Nigerian brand creates an advert that broadcasts on CNN and other international stations that broadcast in Nigeria, the fine would be applied.  The government’s resolution is for Nigerian brands to advertise during the Nigerian Premier Football League games.

Mohammed added, adverts promoting Nigerian brands must be directed and authored by Nigerians inside the country. This method would ensure that Multichoice no longer has the monopoly of broadcasting the English Premier League, said the Minister. Also, all the funds generated from fined companies would go towards the Content Development Fund.

According to the proposal, if a Nigerian company invests in a foreign league, the firm will have to invest 30% of the money in Nigerian football. Also, suppose a company spends US$1 million in bringing the EPL to Nigeria. In that case, that company must be liable for 30% spend of that US$1 million in producing local content along the same line.

Mohammed argued that Nigeria would not grow local content until there is fair trade in the broadcaster sector. He added that despite 30-pay-tv licences issued by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, only one pay-tv has survived. He attributed this outcome to the unfair competition brought by foreign companies.


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