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South Africa: SABC Implements Controversial Disciplinary Policy - Reports

The Broadcasting Electronic, Media and Allied Workers Union (Bemawu), has accused the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) management of failure to consult stakeholders regarding the newly implemented disciplinary policy.

Bemawu has filed a demand at the SABC to withdraw the new policy that they believe has been created to remove those opposing the new structure. The new disciplinary procedure will be adopted into the employee contract and become the terms and conditions of employment. In an email to the SABC management, Bemawu President Hannes du Buisson raised concerns to the public broadcaster stating the disapproval from its members relating to the new policy.

In the email, according to reports, Du Buisson stated that the implementation of the disciplinary procedure policy had been rejected; however, Bemawu would be willing to engage with the SABC concerning the policy. He further went on to say; the policy must be withdrawn as it has not status and its implementation did not follow governance procedure.

The SABC remains stagnant in their decision, citing that Bemawu and other stakeholder were consulted on the new policy.  Mojaki Mosia, the Group Executive for Human Resources, said the public broadcaster is going ahead with Thursday's implementation of the new disciplinary code and procedure policy.  

An investigation reveals that the disciplinary code policy has been subjected to numerous consultations with relevant stakeholders and Bemawu, was an active participant during the consultation. On that premise, the policy will be implemented on 1 April 2021, said Mosia.

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