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US$ 700,000 - That's The Fee To Obtain A Digital "Free-View" Broadcasting License In Nigeria - Exclusive Report

Anyone looking to acquire a "Free View National Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Licence" in Nigeria would need to find and pay a princely sum of US$ 700,000 (NGN250,000,000) to the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), BMA can authoritatively report.

In NBC's official correspondence to prospective applicants - seen by BMA- the industry regulator said the "non-refundable" fee would provide authorisation for five years. Afterwards, license holders will need to renew or relinquish their licences.

BMA has also learnt that as part of the license condition, the NBC will be asking the "lucky" licensee holder also to pay (or contribute) 2.5°/o of its annual earnings to the Commission. It is unclear what this yearly payment will be for.

Below is a list of the other conditions attached to the license:

- The Licensee shall ensure that all broadcast equipment imported into the country are cleared with the consent of and registered with the Commission

- The Licensee shall transmit on the platform of a licensed Broadcast Signal Distributor

- The Licensee is required to acquire and set up broadcast facilities for its operations across the country

- The Licensee is required to obtain the Commission's certification of its installation before the commencement of on-air transmission. (This also includes Test Transmission)

The Licensee shall ensure that content is available for its station, and the Commission would not be responsible for any default.

- The Licensee shall commence full operations within two years of the licence grant; otherwise, the licence would be revoked.

- The Licensee shall ensure a minimum of 80% local content in its programming.

- The Licensee shall submit to the Commission a Certified True Copy of its Audited Accounts annually, not later than March 31 of the succeeding year.

- The Licensee shall pay the Broadcast Signal Distributor a carriage fee at a determined rate.

- The Licensee shall obtain the prior consent and approval of the Commission for all monetary transfers for content or equipment

- The Licensee shall obtain the prior permission of the Commission for any agreement/contract relating to the acquisition of content

- The Licensee shall ensure that its station identification (call sign/logo) is registered at the Trade Marks Registry and presented to the Commission for approval before its commencement.

- The Licensee shall submit to the Commission the synopsis of its quarterly programmes at least two weeks ahead of schedule transmission.

- The Licensee shall abide by all prevailing Nigerian Government Regulations on trans-border transmission.

- The Licensee shall ensure compliance with the National Broadcasting Commission Act's provisions, the Nigeria Broadcasting Code, and all extant laws relating to broadcasting.

- The Licensee may be taken off the transmission platform for a breach of any of the above Provisions or the Provisions of the National Broadcasting Commission Act, the Nigeria Broadcasting Code and all extant laws relating to broadcasting.


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