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South Africa: Industry Body Calls For Urgent Mediation To Resolve Spectrum Impasse

As some telecoms and media services providers in South Africa continue to face-off with the Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) over the upcoming spectrum auction, an influential industry body, the Internet Services Provider Association (ISPA), has urged the 'warring' parties to use mediation and not litigation as a way of resolving their differences.
Recall that both MTN South Africa, Telkom, and e.tv have all either jointly or severally taken ICASA to court for all sorts of reasons aimed at stopping or at least slowing the country's planned spectrum auctioning process until the concerns have been addressed.
ISPA said that while it "understands that this is a critical commercial inflexion point for the operators and that this is driving all the litigations, there is, however, a point at which narrow commercial interests should give way to the greater good".
In its statement, the Internet Services Provider Association said that: "All South Africans should be concerned that litigation is threatening to delay — once again — a more accessible and affordable communications future and that it is calling for a turn to mediation to bring these disputes to a swift conclusion."

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