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"Captain Mfombi" - Zim's Attempt At "Superhero" Narrative Garners Online Support

Captain Mfombi is a superhero story created in Zimbabwe and launched a web series in January, and broadcasted on YouTube seems to have been gaining audience traction as current figures suggest it manages to attract close to 40,000 views per episode.
This "online support" is delightful news to the creators of Captain Mfombi, Denise Edwards, Charles Mugaviri Jr,  Shaun Mundawarara and Blessing Chinanga. In a statement, they said: "As a studio, we have always worked on stretching our imagination, and we are open to limitless possibilities, and Captain Mfombi is a result of that. Captain Mfombi is inspired by our hope to stay true to the core issues we face as a nation and as a continent."
According to the producers, Captain Mfombi is geared to bring a "local flair" to the superhero narrative. The characterisation was modelled on Marvel's superhero "Flash", and according to the creators, "Captain Mfombi gets his superpower while trying to change a lighting bulb." A simple, albeit clever parody of Marvel's Flash superpower attainment.
Operating in a ghetto-like environment, Captain Mfombi was able to bring his superhero status to bear when it uses its superpowers to help people overcome the challenges of daily existence in poverty-ridden high-density Harare suburb.

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