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"We Did Not Break Copyright With The Release Of Show On Netflix" - EbonyLife Studios

Ms Mo Abudu, a Nigerian media magnate behind EbonyLife Studio, has come out to insist again that her company has not breached and copyright laws or regulations with the production and release of the hit drama "ÒlòtÅ«ré" on Netflix.
Recall that an award-winning investigative journalist, Ms Tobore Mit-Ovuorie, has condemned the film's production by EbonyLife for Netflix, with the accusation that her 2014 work for Premium Times about sex-trafficking has been adapted into the film, without her consent and permission.
However, Ms Mo Abudu, speaking on Friday to Arise News (a Nigerian broadcast news outlet), said that the movie "ÒlòtÅ«ré", as far as she is concerned, was a "work of fiction inspired by true events". Abudu also said she is confident that all applicable rights were cleared and that her organisation have initiated dialogue with Premium Times with the hope of getting things resolved quickly.
"ÒlòtÅ«ré" was a movie about the story of a young but naive journalist who went undercover to investigate and expose the human sex-trafficking underworld and the organisations that run it in Nigeria. The show was produced in partnership with Netflix.

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