Spectrum Management

ZAMBIA: Regulators Auctioning New Spectrum To Bolster Internet Penetration

ZICTA (the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Regulatory Authority) has announced plans to auction a new 20Mhz frequency spectrum within the 800Mhz band and has confirmed that the bids for it will close on March 2nd 2021.
ZICTA has confirmed that the reserve price for the spectrum licence has been set at US$12.5 million and would be requiring that eligible applicants and bidders should already have "an electronic communication network license in the international market segment" and "they cannot be in debt to the regulator over any spectrum or other licence-related fee in Zambia".
The industry regulator says it makes available the new spectrum frequency to drive access to information technology services and boost the nation's internet penetration by up to 75%. It will also help meet the increasing demand for spectrum-hungry data services. The statement from ZICTA states: "The larger the bandwidth, the better the capacity and consequently, potentially, the better the quality of service. The demand for more spectrum continues to increase owing to technological advancement, higher preference for data speeds by consumers as well as the growth of the electronic communication networks."

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