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Radio France International (RFI) Commences Broadcasting In Fulani Language

Radio France International (RFI), the international arm of France's public radio broadcasting service have announced that it has completed transmission testing and have officially started it "Fulani Language" broadcast from Monday 14th December 2020.
According to the media news from RFI, the Fulani Language broadcast will come out of its studios in Dakar, Senegal and is designed to reach audiences in Nigeria and across the Western Africa region.
RFI media statement claims that the outfit - which is headquartered in and sends most of its international broadcasts from Paris - France - has hundreds of millions of listeners globally and ranks as one of the most listened to major international media after the BBC, the VOA and China Radio International.
Established in 1975, RFI which is essentially owned by the broadcasts in FM, shortwave, mediumwave, online and satellite platforms. It broadcasts 24 hours daily in French and 12 additional global languages.

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