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Next NAB Show Will Take Place In-Person On 9-13 October 2021

Organisers of the quintessential annual global broadcasters meeting - the 'NAB Show' has confirmed that the show will now take place on the 9th - 13th October 2021 with in-person gathering in the city of Las-Vegas, USA.
The show holds typically in April, but the organisers feel moving it to October will "give people time to get COVID-19 vaccines and regain their comfort with travelling."
Chris Brown, the executive vice president f the National Association of Broadcasters (who are the organisers on the annual industry jamboree) said during the announcement "We know the industry is itching to return to a normal schedule and make up for the lost time and October is looking like it is well-timed. We are confident that we can deliver the right audience."
Brown continued "The pace of change directly affecting the media sector has not slowed down during the pandemic. If anything, it has increased, creating a need for the industry to connect more frequently."

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