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Locally Built Smart Set-Top Box Wins Sentech's Innovation Contest

Sentech, a South African broadcasting infrastructure company, has announced that a team, led by Cape Town-based broadcaster Michael Aldridge has won its future innovation contest which was to design and build a viable set-top box (STB) solution.
Michael Aldridge, who spoke on behalf of his winning team, said: "The idea for a smart set-top box has been some years in the making. As the country's broadcast migration programme has struggled, their locally made smart set-top box could be an asset to households. Many people, especially in rural areas, lack internet connectivity and the smart set-top box differ from usual STBs in that they can connect to the internet and can act as a WiFi hotspot for other devices.
Also commenting on the innovation, Mr Dumisa Ngwenya, head of research and innovation at Sentech said that the innovation contest has helped bring together a veritable talent pool that will assist not only Sentech but the broadcasting industry as a whole.
According to Dumisa, "We're moving beyond the theory of new technologies. Don't just think outside of the box, because there is no box!"

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