Broadcast Regulation

Nigeria: Broadcast Regulator Sanctions Stations For Airing Doddy Cure Claims, Preachers, Others

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), the agency that regulates broadcasting activities in Nigeria, has released "the regulatory breach profile" for the period between April to June 2020.
The NBC report indicated that in that period, it issued no less than seven hundred and sixteen cautions, warnings and penalties to a variety of broadcasting organisations. Analysis of this reveals that 97% of these contraventions were related to obscenity, hate speech, unprofessionalism, unverifiable claims and advertisements and technical infractions.
According to the NBC document, several stations received penalties for providing false health advisory to audiences and the public on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Also, a sizeable number of stations got sanctioned for peddling unverifiable 'traditional-medicine' claims to cure diseases.
The NBC said that the quarterly  'breach profile' report covers most of the 600 functional broadcasting stations in Nigeria.

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