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Nigeria: Govt. Takes A Second Look At Ban On Content Exclusivity - Signals Possible Overturn!

The Nigerian Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo has given the strongest signal yet that the profoundly controversial ban on content exclusivity embedded in the amended 6th Nigerian Broadcasting Code could be overturned.
During a virtual meeting with Facebook Vice President of Policy and Communication, Nick Clegg, the Nigerian Federal Government said it has listened and heard the outcry of the various stakeholders in the country and is now commenced a detailed review of the regulatory clause.
It is to be recalled that the amended 6th Nigerian Broadcasting Code has made acquiring content exclusively illegal in the country, something that has faced almost universal derision as being, among other things, anti-competitive.
Speaking on the matter, the Nigerian Vice President said: "Basically, what it says is that if you have a licensed product for TV or film, you're expected to share it with other platforms. I understand the argument of those who say this is a violation of copyright and intellectual property, which is a strong point. This is why I think we are going to take a second look at it and see where there are ways of moderating it to be more acceptable and so as not to stifle the work of very hard-working, creative people."
Osinbajo concluded on the issue that the regulator was in "uncharted territory" saying that "you frequently find that regulators are really just chasing after the innovations".

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