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South Africa: Multichoice Prays Current Regulation On Sports In Unchanged

Following the move by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)  to propose a new regulatory framework for sports broadcasting - which will see significant sporting events being made available on a free-to-watch basis, Multichoice South Africa has responded to the issue with a prayer that the status quo remains as it currently is.
News reporting says that Multichoice is concern about the section of the adverse impact that ICASA's regulation around the broadcasting of national and global events "in the public interest" will have its business.
Multichoice told South Africa's industry blog MyBroaband that while it is proactively engaged with ICASA as it goes through the regulatory review process, " it would prefer if the regulations are not changed and that the current rules, which include those around making public interest events available to platforms like the SABC, are adequate. It remains our view that the current regulations strike a balanced approach and should not be amended."
ICASA's has put forward a list of sporting events that they deemed must be carried in the public interest on a free-to-watch basis, and these will include: An opening game, semi-final, and final of a confederation sporting event; Confederation sporting events involving a national team or a national representative and semi-final and final of a national knockout competition.

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