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South Africa: Regulator Aims To Make PayTV Sports Broadcast Free-To-Watch

South Africa's broadcast regulator, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is conducting a review of the rules around sports broadcasting in the country.  
As part of the review, ICASA is seeking to "identify and list national sporting events with objectives of regulating the broadcast of these in the public interest, promoting them to wider audiences and balancing revenue generation with audience interest".
In effect, ICASA wants to draw up an expanded list of sports events that will qualify as "public interest sports" with the view to make them freely accessible to members of the public. ICASA says it is currently talking to major broadcasters and sports rights owners on how to make this happen. ICASA will publish the "final" regulatory framework on the matter before the end of 2020 quarter three.
Industry experts believe that ICASA's "final public-interest list" will include many sporting events with broadcast rights already exclusive to Multichoice SuperSport; therefore, it will be interesting how the new regulatory landscape will shape thing.
Experts have called on ICASA to confirm and clarify if whether
MultiChoice and other pay-TV broadcasters in South Africa will lose existing broadcast rights if and when the reviewed list is approved.

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