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"Lift Like A Girl" Is The Egyptian Films Looking To Premiere At "Cairo International Film Festival"

The Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) has announced that it will be holding its 42nd edition from the 19th - 28th November 2020. And alongside many screening, showcases and other events, CIFF also said it had selected the acclaimed Egyptian documentary film "Lift Like A Girl" premiere at the festival.
"Lift Like A Girl", directed by Mayye Zayed, is the story of a 14-year old girl, Zebiba, who dreamt of becoming the world champion in weightlifting, and follows her daily triumphs and travails as she progresses toward the fulfilment of her dream.
The president of CIFF, Mr Mohammed Hefzy commented on why "Lift Like A Girl" was selected, saying that: "upon watching Lift Like a Girl, the festival's artistic management was intent on inviting the film to participate in the 42nd edition, stemming from the importance of documentary film as a genre, in addition to the festival's belief that Lift Like a Girl is among the most important Arab films of 2020.
The film's director, Mayye Zayed, mentioned that "it important that as many Egyptian audiences view our film as possible, and for the audience to interact with the film via the Cairo Film Festival's prestigious screen."

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