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SuperSport Reorganises EPG Channel Set-Up For "Ease Of Content Discovery"

First, Multichoice announced the "reorganisation" of its M-Net platform from six channels to four, and now, SuperSport, effective from September, will carry "thematic" names, instead of the usual numbering system.

Calling it "Genre Channelling", Multichoice says market research has shown that subscribers and viewers at large preferred thematically named channels and that it helps with easy content discovery.
In the view of Gideon Khobane, CEO of SuperSport: "Genre channelling will no doubt increase awareness of a broader range of content, which may have always been on the platform, but wasn't necessarily easy to discover.  This is a landmark decision in SuperSport's history and one we're convinced will add a fresh and invigorating dimension to our broadcasts."
BMA, however, understands that this channel re-naming and reorganisation exercise could be a "slightly different" experience for subscribers in South Africa as against those in the rest of Africa.
Credit: contribution from TV With Thinus

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