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South Africa: Indie Film Festival Goes Online Too!

The South Africa Independent Film Festival (SAIFF) has announced that its 2020 edition will now take place online on August 14th - 30th. The indie film festivities that have always physically brought together industry luminaries is the latest of several industry events to migrate online because of prevailing circumstances.
According to SAIFF festival director, Berneen Cereska "For a while, it looked like the international 2020 film festival run would be over before it began. "That was never an option for us. We knew we couldn't disappoint our hard-working official selection filmmakers whose excellent work deserves to be celebrated,"
"When it became clear that a traditional festival wasn't going to happen, we set our minds to creating a virtual experience that maintains all the advantages of the traditional festival, but expands our reach and keeps our audience and team safe", said J.C Williamson, the managing director of SAIFF festival.
The 2020 SAIFF online festival is said to offer up to 100 on-demand screenings of exclusives movies, documentaries and short films. And being online opens up SAIFF to global audiences that might not have been able to attend the physical event.
Credit: contribution Broadcastprome

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