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Copyright Society Of Nigeria Says New Broadcasting Code Is Unenforceable

The new Nigerian Broadcasting Code (the set of regulations that governs broadcasting in Nigeria) might be unenforceable, according to the chair of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) Mr Tony Okoroji.
Mr Okoroji, speaking to local press organisations also added his voice to call on the broadcast regulatory agency, the National Broadcasting Commission of Nigeria (NBC) to revisit some of the tenets of the code. He did, however, commend the overall thrust of the regulatory framework - which is to increase the participation of Nigerians in fostering content creation and distribution.
Regardless, the COSON chair said he feared that the way the code amendments have been drafted might render in unenforceable and unworkable in the country. He opined that the provisions of the amended broadcasting code seem to be beyond the authority granted the NBC, as it is effectively making laws - which of course is the preserve of the country's national assembly.
He reiterated the advice for NBC to change course and engage in further consultations with industry stakeholders; otherwise, it might end up tying itself up in never-ending litigation and lack of investor confidence in the Nigeria creative industry.
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