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South Africa: Ruling Party Urges SABC To Shelve Retrenchment Plans

According to local reports, the ruling African National Congress in South Africa is asking the country's public broadcaster - SABC - not to proceed with its plan to cut what the management of the SABC sees as a bloated work-force.
The South African City Press newspaper reported that Madoda Mxakwe, SABC CEO, and Bongumusa Makhathini, SABC chairperson were both summoned to the ANC headquarters for a meeting where they were told, in no uncertain terms, that the party would not support the layoff of SABC staff as it would amount to an embarrassing situation for the political party, and by extension the government.
The SABC is in the process of laying off up to 600 workers because it currently spends 40% of its budget of staff wages, and that, according to the company executives cannot be unsustainable, as it is pulling the organisation down the path of financial peril.
The South African government's position as made known by the Department of Communications was that it was supportive of the SABC management plans.
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