Broadcast Regulation

Nigeria: "Suspend The Implementation Of Broadcasting Code" - IBAN

Mr Guy Murray-Bruce, the secretary for the Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria (IBAN), has issued a statement on behalf of the association calling for the Nigerian National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to put on hold its implementation of the amended 6th Broadcasting Code.
According to IBAN, it would prefer if the new regulatory framework is put through a fresh process of wide-ranging stakeholder consultations, as this will provide it with the necessary industry support and head-off the looming crisis.
Mr Murray-Bruce alleged that the committee that finalised the original published document did not adequately pass it around for stakeholder’s scrutiny, consideration and feedback before it was “rushed for ratification” by the government.
IBAN also lamented the timing for the release of the regulatory amendments - in the middle of the raging COVID-19 pandemic with the resulting inability of most people to properly pay attention to the details of the proposals.
On its part, the Nigerian broadcasting regulator says it sees nothing wrong with the preparatory process and the substance the amended broadcasting code and as such will press forward with its implementation.

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