Malawi: Newly Elected President Dissolves Board Of MACRA And MBC

Malawi’s newly elected president, Mr Lazarus Chakwera, has announced the dissolution of the board of directors of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and that of the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA). The dissolution order if effective immediately.
The statement from the office of the Chief Secretary to the president, Zangazanga Chikhosi, said that “the dissolution will inform the steps to ensure that the institutions will now be presented with the wherewithal to address the anomalies and malpractices within them.
It has been reported separately that both MACRA and MBC have had allegations of corruption levelled against some of their senior officials. And recently, there was the spectacle of the MACRA’s boss, Godfrey Itaye, refusing to vacate his position after dismissal, stating that only his boss can remove him, and not the government.
The MBC has also allegedly been mired in the distribution of what was called “the obscene and disparaging content” against the Vice President during a political campaign.
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