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Return To Normal Uphill For Production Houses As SABC's 'Generations' Shutters Due To Covid-19

Generation: The Legacy, a popular series on the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation channel - SABC1- is the latest of TV productions to fold up its tent because of possible coronavirus infection. A press statement from the producer confirmed a member of the production team tested positive for Covid-19.
The statement said "For the safety of our cast and crew, we have decided to shut down production until further notice. Our cast and crew have been urged to self-isolate. In the meantime, our offices and studios will be deep-cleaned. "Production will resume when it is appropriate to do so. We extend our support to the infected member of our staff and wish them a speedy recovery."
The shuttering of the filming of 'Generations' underlines the difficultly in getting the creative and content production sector of the South African film and TV industry to operating as usual in South Africa. The beleaguered industry has already laid off thousands of staff, and the fear is that the redundancy will only accelerate if things do not get better with the Covid-19 situation.
Credit: contribution from TV With Thinus

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