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Nigeria: Multichoice's Battle With Lawmakers Over ‘Pay-As-You-View’ Model Is Unrelenting!

Even as it seems that the matter has been put to rest and that Multichoice Nigeria can move on, lawmakers still want Multichoice to properly account for why it is not offering a ‘Pay-as-you-view’ content access model in Nigeria.
Members of the House of Representatives (the lower house of the country national legislature) is expected in the next few days to commence a new investigation into cable and satellite TV services in Nigeria.  

People close to the matter reckon that this will be a more in-depth probe into Multichoice’s charging and billing services, which according to the some of the lawmakers amounted to “cheating Nigerians”. Representative Unyime Idem, chairman of the House committee, said that Nigerian are not satisfied with the services they are getting, especially with the aspect involving pay-per-view arrangements.
Multichoice, on its part, has consistently argued that it is nigh impossible to implement a blanket pay-per-view way of accessing its content.
Pay-TV services, it said, is not build to match consumption to subscriptions, as you have with a meter or the mobile phone service.

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