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Defeating Coronavirus: How Broadcast And Media Leaders Can Support Communities And Employees During Crisis

How Africa’s broadcast and media sector fare during this COVID-19 pandemic will depend largely on the actions (or inactions) of the industry leaders and senior executives. 

Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) is, therefore, offering this briefing document (from National Association of Broadcasters - NAB) to support and inform the industry during this coronavirus pandemic.

The document is reminding us of practical factors that will enable the industry leaders to reinforce trust, communicate appropriately and provide effective leadership.

 Briefing Overview:

- Broadcast Media leadership should always consult with all stakeholders about possible responses to the potential crisis use that to guide narrative

- Leaders should provide a regular statement to inform staff of the evolving plans and resources to assist them in doing their jobs in a safe environment

- Broadcast Media leadership should always forward on the medical and other guidance provided by the government about prevention and protection


Access the NAB briefing here

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