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Defeating Coronavirus: Ensuring The Safety Of Broadcast Field Crews During COVID-19 Coverage

In times of severe crisis such as the one the world is currently battling, our broadcast Field Crews are those often in the front-line, risking their lives to provide their communities and us with crucial information. 

It is therefore understandable that broadcast stations with field crews covering COVID-19 should be seeking guidance on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ to ensure their team are safe and protected as they bring the public vital information in this fight against coronavirus!

To this end, Broadcast Media Africa is helping to re-distribute this National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Coronavirus Response Guidance Report which indicates some measures stations can use to keep their field crew workforce safe as they go about their work.

(Access the NAB Guidance Report here)

Report Overview:

The NAB Coronavirus Response Report to ensure Field Crew Safety underscores the following:

Evaluate and Prepare

- Find out ahead of time if a location is safe for the field crew to visit
- Check if there are warnings about coronavirus cases in the specific location
- Research what guidance local health care authorities providing for that location
- Inform field workers of the symptoms and risk factors for the coronavirus

Always Protect

- Assess if the team is being provided with appropriate supplies
- Arrange for, and inform the field crew staff of who will provide hand sanitizer and other disinfectants to each and all field vehicles
- Provide field crews with the necessary health and safety training
- Enforce wearing masks and/or gloves
- Field crews should be encouraged to wash their hands before entering the building
- Educate reporters about what the care that should be given to microphones used on the field
- Advise crews on where to go should they feel sick in the field
- Advise that most interviews be conducted remotely (Skype, Facetime, etc.)

Broadcast media executives are advised to collaborate with local health authorities in all health care actions and decisions.


(Access the NAB Guidance Report here)

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