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South Africa Experiences Slow Internet Following Dual Cable Failure -Reports

In a catastrophic and strange occurrence, two main undersea cables that connect South Africa to the world-wide internet have both been hit by separate failures – resulting in extremely slow internet speeds for some users since Thursday, last week.

The South Atlantic 3/West Africa submarine cable, (SAT-3/Wasc), which links Spain and Portugal to South Africa, with connections to several West African countries along the path, was hit by a breakdown near Libreville, Gabon, according to the internet service provider, Axxess.

Meanwhile the West Africa Cable System (Wacs), linking South Africa with the UK, also saw an outage off the coast of Congo.

This has resulted in many South African internet users experiencing slow speeds since Thursday.

Openserve released a statement saying that the simultaneous and unusual dual cable breakdown has resulted in customers experiencing reduced speed on international browsing. The statement also confirmed that international voice calling and mobile roaming had also been impacted.

On Friday morning, the internet service provider Afrihost told its users that connections were being re-routed, but that it still had no precise estimate of when normal services would resume.

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