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TV Content Management Is Focus Of Industry Leaders At Upcoming Executive Forum In Abuja, Nigeria

As the broadcasting, media and telecoms companies look into how to take full advantage of the exploding growth in video content for TV, it is imperative that they find solutions regarding the cost-effective management of TV content in terms of the successful creation, distribution and monetisation.

Convened by Broadcast Media Africa in collaboration with key industry partners, the Forum on “Effective Management and Successful Monetisation of TV Content” is scheduled to take place on the 10th – 11th March 2020 in Abuja, Nigeria

According to Benjamin Pius - Publisher of Broadcast Media Africa, “The crucial industry Forum which will be attended by senior executives from TV stations, telecoms operators, content delivery networks, content publishers and aggregators as well as media platform owners, aims to explore current industry dynamics and how to take advantage of all the emerging opportunities.
At the Forum, industry stakeholders will also examine the key drivers as well as critical issues affecting the production, regulation as well as the distribution and monetisation of content by broadcasters and media houses - especially in the converged digital ecosystem”.

Find out more about this event on the website here.

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