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Namibia: NBC Owes Music Composers Over Hundred Thousand USD In Royalties -Reports

The Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM) has announced that it is waiting for the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to settle its outstanding debt in royalties that currently stand at N$1,7million ($114 000.00) in total, according to records.

John Max, the CEO of NASCAM, said that he hoped NBC would do pay up soon to enable the association to pay artists what is due to them.

He explained that 60 percent of the amount would go directly to artists and songwriters, 30 percent would be used for administrative costs and 10 percent would go to the NASCAM members’ social fund.

John Max said that he could not comment on whether the state-owned broadcaster had committed to settling the bill yet as this is highly confidential due to NBC’s current financial troubles.

Other broadcasters such as Omulunga Radio, Radio Wave, One Africa TV and 99 FM are reportedly paying their dues to NASCAM even though the amounts have not been favourable.

Annual royalties are calculated based on the number of times that a song is played on-air that year.

Max encouraged broadcasters to respect the usage of music by acquiring a Copyright Music Licence, pay for the licence and periodically send their usage list of music to NASCAM.

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