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Eutelsat Guns For Ethiopia’s Telecom Sector

The French European Organization of Telecommunications by Satellite S.A. (Eutelsat) has indicated that it is interested in joining the Ethiopian telecommunications sector, just after the liberalization decision that was recently taken by the government.

The Managing Director of Eutelsat in London, Nicholas Daly, in an interview with The Reporter, said that Ethiopia’s announcement of the telecom deregulation had created an interest in the market, and Eutelsat wants a slice of that cake as this significant development would bring “massive changes” to the sector. 

In addition to joining the sector, the satellite operator is looking into launching a satellite-based internet service in the country.

According to Nicholas Daly, Eutelsat operates over 1,500 video broadcasting channels in Africa including 200 HD channels, as well as 200 channels that are particularly appealing to the Ethiopian audiences. 

Responding to rumours that Eutelsat is planning to exit the Ethiopian market, Daly said that the satellite operator is, in fact, extending its services in Ethiopia because demand is increasing as the viewership grows.

Eutelsat has been active in the Ethiopian market for ten years and is continuing to grow. Its satellites are used widely for satellite newsgathering, video broadcasting, data connectivity and broadband services.

The latest Eutelsat satellite to be used in Ethiopia was in June this year, and it will serve video markets across Africa.


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