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NCA Denies Muting Free Speech By Shutting Down Radio Stations In Ghana

The National Communications Authority (NCA) in Ghana has rejected the claims by former President John Mahama that its decision to close down various radio stations stifles free speech.

The Authority issued a statement saying that it was only carrying out its duties as stipulated by the law and nothing more.
The NCA added that it was well within its mandate when it closed down stations that were operating without authorisation.

Mahama accused the NCA of unfair treatment following the abrupt closure of the stations, but the NCA disagrees. 

The Authority reiterated that any organisation that wants to operate in TV or radio broadcasting would need a frequency, and the issuance of frequency would be dependent on availability as it is a limited resource.

The NCA further stated that it is committed to executing its mandate as set out by Ghana’s laws and would continue to work tirelessly at developing the telecommunication industry in Ghana.

The Authority also called on authorisation holders to abide by the rules and regulations of their authorisations strictly and make sure that they do so within the boundaries of the law.


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