Former ZOL CEO Joins Liquid Telecom SA

The former ZOL CCO and CEO Denny Marandure has left the company to start on a new journey at Liquid Telecom South Africa. Mr Marandure has been appointed as Liquid Telecom South Africa’s new Client Executive and will be responsible for Business Development for their Cloud & Digital Services.

In an internal email sent to Liquid Telecom staff, the Liquid Telecom South Africa Chief Sales Officer, Shau Reuben, acknowledged the importance of the role that Denny has been tasked with along with highlighting some of the former CEO’s milestones.

On the email, he announced that Denny Marandure had joined Liquid Telecom South Africa as a Client Executive who would be responsible for Business Development for Cloud & Digital Services.

He said that this role would be crucial in driving Liquid Telecom’s transformational strategy and that he wished Denny great success!

Reuben added that Denny is a highly experienced global player with many years of experience in providing value to international and dynamic Fortune 500 companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Verizon Communications LLC and Lucent Technologies. 

The Chief Sales Officer concluded the email by wishing Mr Marandure success in his new chapter at Liquid Telecom South Africa.


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