MTN Launches Fixed-LTE To Rival Telkom In South Africa

The MTN-owned ISP Supersonic recently rolled out its new fixed-LTE products across South Africa, which have been made available on a 24-month contract or a month-to-month basis.

The ISP reportedly aims to compete with Telkom by offering subscribers month-to-month fixed-LTE products at very competitive prices and has stated that it expects rapid adoption of its new products, especially by customers in areas with no fibre coverage.

Supersonic’s fixed-LTE product currently offers three fixed-LTE packages, each including Anytime data and Night Owl data.
The LTE packages are available as SIM-only offerings or with a router which is priced at a flat rate of $115 or $4.67 per month over 24 months.

It is important to take note that MTN has effectively rolled out a wholesale fixed-LTE product, and Supersonic is its first client.
This means that South Africans can expect MTN-based fixed-LTE products being offered through more ISPs in the future.

The launch of MTN’s fixed LTE offerings comes at a tumultuous time in South Africa’s consumer fixed-LTE market.

Over the past year, both Cell C and Rain discontinued their fixed-LTE products, leaving Telkom as the sole primary fixed-LTE provider offering its LTE to consumers through various third-party ISPs.

Mybroadband recently compared the pricing for the fixed-LTE packages available from MTN and Telkom through ISPs.
Only month-to-month, SIM-only packages were used in this comparison. Prices from Webafrica and Supersonic were compared for Telkom and MTN fixed-LTE, respectively.

Mybroadband found that while Telkom’s smaller fixed-LTE packages could compete with MTN’s 120GB product, MTN’s fixed-LTE through Supersonic is much cheaper than Telkom fixed-LTE for large data amounts.

It is also essential to take note that MTN’s network quality is significantly better than Telkom’s, according to the most recent 2019 Mobile Network Quality Report that was released by MyBroadband Insights.

This means that ultimately, the fixed-LTE customer experience is expected to be better on MTN’s network.


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