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Botswana’s BTC Uses Communication Satellite To Boost Rural Connectivity

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTC) revealed that it had recently doubled its capacity on the Spacecom’s AMOS-7 communication satellite. With this new development, BTC gets a backhaul and a unique network of long-distance communication services to improve connectivity in rural areas.

The company said that it would now be in a position to provide enhanced broadband Internet to businesses outside of Botswana’s big cities and also roll out Wi-Fi hotspot services throughout the country.

According to the Managing Director Anthony Masunga, BTC is in the process of working with Spacecom to reinforce its commercial offer and add an offering of new and exciting services that will provide a significant solution to Botswana’s digital divide and offer citizens in previously underserved areas many more options to communicate across Botswana and beyond.

Masunga said that satellite communication through AMOS-7 is facilitating BTC’s growth and fulfilling its purpose, which is to offer superior communication solutions to the people of Botswana anywhere and everywhere so that they can live connected.

BTC believes that the latest satellite deployment will not only meet the company’s expectations when it comes to connectivity and coverage but will also increase revenues.


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