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GOtv Expands Its Local Content Offering In Nigeria

GOtv was launched in 2011 in the birthplace of television in Africa, Ibadan.
The arrival of the digital terrestrial television (DTT) service, immediately extended the access to digital television broadcasting for Nigerians. GOtv also announced that one of its objectives was to assist the Federal Government in its efforts to ensure a swift transition from analogue to digital television.

GOtv has now taken its pioneering role further by expanding its local content offering across Nigeria. It recently added nine local channels for its customers across six cities in the country.
The channels added on to the GOtv MAX and GOtv Plus packages are MiTV, Spice TV, WAP TV, BISCON, ITV Benin, Liberty TV, R2TV, Tiwan Tiwan and Rave TV.

The implementation of the expansion was executed in phases. With the addition of the new channels, GOtv subscribers in all six cities now have access to more local content that is offered in digital format.

According to John Ugbe, the Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, the nine stations were launched to show the company’s commitment to promoting the country’s heritage by making locally created TV programs available to Nigerians.
The widening of GOtv’s local content offering has extended the reach of its pioneering technology across the country.
More Nigerians now have access to quality TV shows on terrestrial television in digital format, in accordance with the policy instruction from the government.

Currently, GOtv provides service in over 50 cities across 26 states, making it the broadest DTT network coverage in the country.

Ugbe explained that Nigeria is on its way to achieving the DSO and added that GOtv, as a significant industry player, would play its part in ensuring its successful attainment.

The CEO noted that a successful switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting would make Nigeria the most extensive digital TV market on the continent.

Credit: This article originated from www.vanguardngr.com

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