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Award-Winning Kenyan Filmmaker Says Africa Needs Superheroes For Its Own Stories

The key theme at the recently held 2019 Design Indaba was around how filmmakers can get Africans across the continent to see themselves as people of joy, imagination, creativity – and as deserving of being heroes.

Africa’s story has, for too long, only been one of suffering and pain; and while there is a need for those stories to be told, it is also crucial to balance that aspect with some joyous and positive tales as well, according to the award-winning Kenyan filmmaker, Wanuri Kahiu.

Kahiu is part of the group of emerging new-age African storytellers who are changing the global narrative about the continent. She is the co-founder of Afrobubblegum, a production company that creates, supports and commissions fun and frivolous African art.

Kahiu strongly believes that we need frivolity and hope in Africa. When she refused to amend the “hopeful ending” to her movie Rafiki (about same-sex relationships) to a remorseful conclusion, it was banned in Kenya. She has taken the matter to the courts to overturn that ban.

The Kenyan filmmaker says that Africans need to view themselves as people of unwavering hope, as this is the legacy of Africa’s rich culture and history.

Her latest project, Pumzi, is a sci-fi film which advocates for nature, and while Kahiu was making the film, she thought it would be a compelling tale to tell of Africans as custodians of nature, with African women positioned at the forefront of this battle.

Kahiu added that Black Panther could not be the only story that celebrates amazing African superheroes. She concluded that there are stories of joy that must be told in Africa and they need to be told by Africans.

Credit: This article originated from www.screenafrica.com

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