Kenya’s Safaricom Prepares To Roll Out 5G Network This Year - Reports

Safaricom has announced that it plans to launch Kenya’s first fifth-generation (5G) mobile internet services sometime this year.

The telco said that the 5G network would target major urban centres, making it the very first operator to offer superfast commercial services in the region.

The Acting CEO Michael Joseph said that the firm had completed trials for the upgraded network as the mobile operator looks to capitalise on the rising mobile Internet use in the country.

Safaricom - Kenya’s largest telecoms operator - saw web data revenue snowball over the past five years, surpassing the sales growth from its voice business.

The 5G service is a significant part of its attempts to further expand its data business to counter the slower growth in its voice calls revenue.

However, Safaricom subscribers who wish to use the service would need to acquire new handsets that are compatible with 5G before they can use the superfast Internet, which offers much faster data download and upload speeds that will ultimately ease network congestion.

Mr Joseph declined to disclose the cost of the investment on the 5G upgrade and the name of the vendor behind the upgrade.

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