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Independent Broadcast Authority Issues New Directive To Zambia’s Radio, TV Stations

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has given a new directive that all TV and radio stations in Zambia should start submitting broadcast recordings to the Authority every two weeks.

The IBA’s Director-General Josephine Mapoma released a statement saying that the Authority had a group of inspectors that relied on post-monitoring of stations since IBA could not be present in all districts that have broadcasting stations.

The Director-General said that this directive was effective from the 15th May 2019.
She further explained that the recordings to be submitted would consist of all discussion programmes, all talk shows, all news bulletins and all musical programs.

Mapoma stated that the new directive was in line with Section 38 of the Independent Broadcasting Authority Act No. 17 passed in 2002.

She said that the Act states that a broadcasting licensee must store sound and video recordings of all its programmes for a minimum of three months after the broadcast date or for however long is required by the Board.

Mapoma warned that editing the recordings to change the original content would be a violation of the Act.
She revealed that correspondence with all TV and radio stations on the new directive had since commenced by email.

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